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Nelly Packs Deluxe Body Wrap *New Design


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The *NEW* deluxe body wrap eases shoulder tension by providing long lasting warmth on the neck, shoulders, chest & back down to the shoulder blade area.

This Nelly Pack is specially designed to ease neck, shoulder & chest muscle pain. Great for relief from colds, bronchitis & chest congestion! The weight of this pack also provides comfort like a weighted blanket! Although this pack is designed for around the neck, it can lay flat across the abdomen, back or lap. Simply warm in the microwave in 10 second increments until warm. Do not overheat or heat for longer periods of time without turning over and rotating. Follow heating instructions to avoid damage.

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Weight 2 lbs

Grey Paisley Embossed, Minky Blue, Purple Barcelona (Purple/Grey/White Design), black minky, Minky Purple, Stock Color (Surprise me) HERBAL ONLY



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