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Nelly Packs are unique microwavable body warmers. There are many different styles available, in many different colors and fabrics. Our body warmers are made with 100% natural materials. They are filled with flax seed, wheat, vanilla, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, rosemary, spearmint, elderberries, rose hips, and rose petals. Nelly Packs can also be made unscented for those who are sensitive to herbs.

Nelly Cuddles are microwavable Stuffed Animals for kids. These unique toys are fun to play with and can be a great source of comfort.  The therapeutic, moist heat can be used for the treatment of ear aches, sinus problems, toothaches, stress and anxiety, sleeplessness, chest congestion, menstrual cramps, back and neck pain, hyperactivity, or as a hand and foot warmer.

Nelly Packs & Nelly Cuddles

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Nelly Cuddles – Nelly Packs

Regular and deep sleep is important for both grown ups and children. The quality of sleep we get determines the levels of energy and activity we have during the day. Moreover, sound sleep plays a main role in children’s mind and body development.

Nelly Packs brings you therapeutic solutions for a variety of conditions. Nelly Packs & Nelly Cuddles are moist heat therapy products made here in Versailles, Ohio using 100% non-toxic filling. These packs and microwaveable plush animals can also be infused with herbs to deliver both warmth and aromatherapy comfort. Nelly products are perfect for tooth aches, chest congestions, stress & anxiety, and sleeplessness.

therapeutic anxiety stuffed stuffed cow

You can also chill your Nelly packs for some cold therapy. Simply put in the freezer for 10-15 mn before use.

Warmable plush teddy hedgehog

Nelly Cuddles are also portable so you can use them on the go. Kids love ride in the car with their warmable plush teddy. The herb infused stuffed animals serves as a cherished toy and cuddle buddy. Our reviews are filled with parents and grandparents who simply love Nelly Cuddles.

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microwavable plush cuddles

Nelly Packs & Nelly Cuddles

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